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One of the missions of our Rueda group alleMánn is to promote the Rueda scene. Our aim is to introduce many people to this wonderful dance, but also to better network the scene. With this in mind, we want to continue to expand this wiki.

News: Next workshops: Sa 24.02.2024, 19:15 @ tanzbar

What is Rueda?

Rueda is the group version of the couple dance salsa. It was developed in Cuba and can be danced with just two couples, but also with hundreds of couples. A so-called cantante gives commands that often involve changing partners. More infos on Wikipedia.

Rueda commands

Under Rueda commands you will find a large part of the repertoire of our Rueda group alleMánn from Cologne/Bonn. The individual commands have subpages with videos.

Under alleMánn curriculum, you will find an overview of how we teach Rueda at our courses and workshops.

In the medium term, the wiki will be opened up to other Rueda trainers and Rueda groups to make their repertoire and curricula accessible to others. If you are interested, please contact alleMánn.

Rueda directory

We created a directory of Rueda trainers and Rueda groups from Germany and neighbouring countries. The directory is intended to give an overview of the Rueda scene and make it easier to get in touch with each other.

Would you like to be listed? Then, fill out our online form!

Rueda dictionary

In our Rueda dictionary we have translated common Rueda calls into German.

Rueda Events

In the long run, we also want to list Rueda events here. At the moment, you will find only our courses and workshops.

Help for editing the wiki can be found on Wikipedia: Editing help. Many other help topics have been compiled there and also apply to this wiki to a large extent: Overview of help pages. The introduction to Semantic MediaWiki can be found at Overview of help pages.